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I made a thing for :iconutaumaster: = q=
I apologise for the rushed colouring.

Name: Shoichiro
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 5'0"
Date of Birth: 07/07
Rank: Normal
Voice Sample: [link]
Group: One
Company: Prefix Co.

Personality: Shoichi tends to have a bit of an arrogant personality. He's not afraid to voice his opinion, and if he doesn't like something (or someone), he will make sure to tell you. He can almost come off as a bully at times because he will tease and tease and tease. Of course, he will feel guilty if he knows that he pushed somebody too far, but he won't vocally or physically show that he's upset about it. If he knows that he's done something wrong, he will silently try to correct it by giving things, writing letters, but not outwardly apologising until he honestly, absolutely has to. Also an on-and-off perfectionist, he's easy to anger if something doesn't go his way; this ties into the fact that he can be extremely competitive in many things that he does. He tries to maintain a 'cool' personality to seem more mature, but in the end, he's still a child, and easily gets upset like one. Shoichi is also use to being doted upon, but doesn't really expect much from anybody, even if he sort of feels entitled to SOME sort of attention. Surprisingly, he's not afraid to kiss ass if it means he'll get somewhere or get something out of it, but only if it benefits him, but it's not something he does often. That's not to say he's not a hard worker and will do what he can on his own, with his own willpower, before asking anybody for any sort of help.

In the end, he does want to make friends, and is usually kind enough to get through a conversation, so as long as the person he's talking to isn't too meek. If one gets past his rough demeanor, he can be nice… usually. If somebody is able to win his trust, he's rather loyal and protective of his friendship with them.

Biography: Shoichiro grew up as an only child, supported only by his father. They weren't rich, and they weren't poor, but his father worked hard to support his family the best he could. Over time, Shoichi's father fell ill from exhaustion and working in an unhealthy environment. For this reason, he was put into the care of his grandparents who lived a bit more out in the countryside. His grandmother, a kindly former-Enka singer, and his grandfather, a stern tea master. His grandmother took care of him as any grandmother would, spoiling him to a point and doting on him. His grandfather, on the other hand, was very strict with him. Their conversations were short, had they exchanged any words at all, but there was always a sense and feeling of strong willed concern behind them. The man tended to be very demanding with him, raising him to be more of a pupil rather than a grandchild.

Since the town he lived in with his relatives was small, and he had moved in with them during the middle of the year, he continued his studies via homeschool. During that time, he didn't make many friends. Many of the neighbourhood boys would tease and make fun of him for being an outsider. Eventually fed up with them, Shoichi lashed out at them, engaging in a fist fight. The boy he had been fighting had picked up a rock and thrown it at him in defense. The rock smacked Sho in the face, causing him to go blind in his left eye and resulting in him wearing an eyepatch constantly.
When he wasn't getting in fights (and or recovering after the incident), he frequently learned about tea from his grandfather, visited the hospital when he could to see his father (and ignoring the man's outburst at his eye), and listened to his grandmother talk about her Enka singing days, which helped spark his interest in singing overall. The other reason for his interest in singing? Kamui Gakupo, in his opinion, one of the greatest voices EVER. He had always envied the singer's talent and motif of combining samurai-esque culture with rock and other genres.

Ever since he was younger, much younger, he had always wanted and aspired to be within the limelight, but he had never thought it was possible. It was then that he discussed his plan to his grandmother, of wanting to become an idol, to be famous, to make money, and to hopefully help his father in the process. Both his grandparents thought he was much too young, but given he wanted this more than anything and was willing to work hard to get what he wanted, they eventually gave in and his grandmother began to give him voice lessons. After all, he was still young and even if he was shot down during the auditions, he still had plenty of time for other schooling. Even though he was nervous, and this was quite literally, his first audition ever, he was determined to get past it, no matter what.


+ But mostly suckers.
+ Sharp, pointy, usually lethal things are cool.
+ Fast, awesome, the embodiment of masculinity, and samurai totally rode them.
Building things
+ He's not especially good at it, but getting down with the materials and making things is a fun hobby.
+ He won't actually tell anybody why he wears one, but he thinks they make him look BA.

Being woken up

+ Scratching, biting, hissing ensured.
Making people cry
+ He doesn't mean to do it, but when it happens, it's the worst feeling on Earth for him.
Being looked down on for his age
+ He's aware that he's 13, no, he doesn't need to be reminded.
+ He hates showing it and tries really hard to make it seem like he's not affected by them, but it freaks him out a little bit.

Extra: Even though he doesn't necessarily like cats, he acts similarly to one that he tends to pop up during random times and disappear just as frequently.
Genis-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Wow, it's amazing to see how much a character has grown over the years.

I totally forgot that I was the very reason why Shoichiro dislikes cats. Ahahahaha. Ah, good times. Good times. Though, I do remember feeling really bad about it.

I think you woken up my inner Rei. He says he misses his dear buddy, but shhhh. Don't tell him I told you that.
LadyZiodyne Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
waaaaaah what a cute
avaraa Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student Filmographer

He looks so fashionable and great and what a BRAT LMFAO SHOICHI YOU BRAT Omg Agi we definitely need to keep the Shoichi/Tata rivalry and hate up in this rp if you feel me ;----)))))

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